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Monday, April 03, 2006

im so lazy in updating this

i am so bad. i am super bad. i promised myself and a GOOD friend that i would update my blog regularly... to top it of the regularly i meant was... EVERYDAY! hehehe. Well, here's a first of my days of daily blogging!

This weekend was really hectic... i had so much fun with my friends....

kathy, jen and tofen, thank you for being there and understanding my ordeal. I had a hard time admitting to the fact and it took me a lot of courage to share that with you. I miss the times we partied till the sun was up... hope we can do that. 3:00am ain't that bad, huh? yesiree!!! we still had it, we partied till it was 3 and mind you... we started hanging at 7pm. Dinner was so great! I love lemongrass and forever will. Their pad tahi never disappoints me. After the FEAST!!! YUP, literally... it was a feast we went to La Marea for friggin' desserts that will blow your mind away. I had warm brownie cups (that is what they are famous for). After that... 3 hours at K1 which gave me a sorethroat after. I sang "i can make it through the rain" and it wasn't that horrible or my friends just lied so i can feel good. HEHEHE


had a jammed pack sat.
had dinner with my Merlin, John, Fritz and others peeps from john's crowd... it was fun in a weird way. I thought that i would feel out of place because it was an all boy's (este... MEN pala) crowd but i didn't. I wanted to stay but i gave the men sometime to talk and get together... also, i had another place to got to go.

arrived at ayala at past 8. I was kinda surprised because when i arrived... a lot of peeps were there. Dhedi, Jinky, Mikee, WINNIE (the MAIN reason we had an EB), JM, Sir Paz,and Mags. I was so happy that it was a good crowd! Unfortuantely... sir paz and JM couldn't join bec of previous engagement. Then JAMES arrived... follwed by YUNA and RASTA!!! YIPPEEEEE!!!

we rocked the YO LATINO that nite. we danced like crazy... and beautifully... if i party... i party hard. So deal with it. It was 3am when the band finished and we decided to have coffee at bo's for a little while. At 4:30am... we called it a nite.

hahayz.... that is my life.... on weekends, oh... im not finished yet!

we had swimming at family park and dinner in goodah gud.

(will edit this part coz im too sleepy)


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