OH, Same Shit, Different Day!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

what i did today!

February 22,

Slept only for 3 hours... had to go to a lot of places. Had to meet with
possible client for the shirt printing business. We are having luck on our side lately.
Had to meet friends today so that i could say goodbye to IGSO P. He's a really good friend of mine. He's like a brother to me. The kind of friend that you will really treasure. We ate and talked and laughed and made plans for our business... the present one and the future. HAAAY! I really hate goodbye's. To tell you the truth, i hate the fact that someone is leaving me behind... may it be brother, friend or boyfriend. I hate the one being left behind. My tendency is to pull away from them at the last minute, so that "i think" it wouldn't hurt that much... but in reality it hurts more. That is why, im trying to make this one a good farewell. Still keep in touch and be makulit... :P I hope that he'll find what he wants in MANILA.

Poy, i wish you'll find bliss!

After that,i went to ayala hoping i could get some sleep. I went to AeonFlux, but i couldn't sleep. so i transfered and watched a movie that is all talk. I watched Rumor Has It. It was the only movie that would make me sleep. HEHEHE! After that my BF met me in Ayala to discuss the business. We had dinner there. We ate Japanese and Chinese Cuisine. (NOTE: Me and MERLIN almost always order food good for 3-4. We want a lot of variation eh!)

Then we went to TIMEZONE. Played dance revo... and WE SUCKED!!!! yehey! HOORAH!!!

we sucked together, i really wasnt ashamed coz he was there turning red from laughing. What a joy it is to find the perfect man for you!



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