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Thursday, February 16, 2006


Here is the entry for the day.

February 16, 2006

arrived early, the surroundings were still dark and i embraced it with open arms so that i can sleep well, or so i thought. GGGRRR. i only slept around 4 hrs because my phone got a message. I was so tired that i wasn’t able to forget to turn the sounds to silent. STUPID ME!

I had nothing to do, so i decided to do the laundry, because my i had enough SHIT from my laundry woman. She ruined a lot if my expensive clothes…

1. My brand new MARKS n SPENCER brown skirt which i bought for 3,000 ++ ( it had never been worn! EVER) well now its colored "spotted blue"

2. My MOSSIMO black t-shirt is now a yucky violet tshirt.

3. My LOALDE business blouse that has a light blue accent… guess what! it isn’t light blue

4. My turtle neck striped violet, blue and white , hehehe! its not striped anymore! (in some places.)

5. A LOT MORE!!! (like my whites, they are dirty whites plus a little blue there and a pink here, and yellow at the bottom.) I just realized/found out that she doesn’t separate the white ones from the colored ones.


So after the whole 2 hours of laundry, i was dead tired and i wanna sleep but i can’t. My BF dropped by the house so that he could go to "C" to buy the shirts needed for printing. I was so happy that i wouldn’t have to leave the house early but to my disappointment i had too. I had a meeting with friends so i can show them a type of shirt that i supplied. They wanted the shirt, not the printing. (incase you didn’t know, i operate a small time tshirt printing together with a friend of mine.) So, because they forumers (BisayaOnline) i did not charge them any… they can get it same price as i get mine

I was glad cause i got to meet jamescebu, tindak lang gihapon, and yuna. They are quite famous in the forums. T gave me the CD that he promised!!! YIPPEEE! i have a brownman revival CD. yaaahhhhooo! I gave them my word that i will go to the next EB of the 25th February. I hope i really can.

My BF and i had dinner at BIG MAO. I love the food. The service was great too! I am very particular with that. Too bad we didn’t take pictures there, i was so busy devouring the food. We ordered for 4 people and it was just me and my BF. So, technically… 4. :D We went to timezone after that and we decided to do the "Van Gogh" it was so nice. We look great together. We have two poses. I will definitely post them. After that, i saw Anbern at Bo’s Coffee Club. Chatted for a bit and went to work. So here i am, sitting in a computer chair, calling clients and hoping that they are in a good mood today!

P.S. My BF told me that his MOM is gonna arrive in the next few weeks for a summer vacation. GGGRRRR. i dread that day! His mom doesn’t like me due to some specifications that does not suit her. (reputation and family back ground and race) I wish it was not that difficult. I really love her son.


  • Rhea, unsa na imu tshirt? pwd tanaw sa design?

    By Anonymous april, at 9:05 PM GMT-12  

  • april,

    tshirts raman na ordinary. Then we print it sa imung design. But if you want us that we will design stuff for you, naa addtnl fee.

    By Blogger azylermc, at 2:38 AM GMT-12  

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