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Thursday, February 16, 2006

I grieve for Rhumba

i wanted to make this a daily thing... really, i do. i've decided to make this my lists of my actions, thoughts and feelings. hehehe. i started doing this on the 15th on a different blog site, UNFORTUNATELY, it wasn't really for me. I had difficulty in making change and doing links... so here i am. Back to where i started.


FEBRUARY 15, 2006

arrived in the house at 5:30am and i slept immediately,
GOD i was so tired that i didn’t realize that im sleeping with
only my underwear. HEHE! Good thing we are all girls!

woke up around 9:30am. (yeah! i am insomiac and im proud!)
i had an agreement with my roommate, Ste to go to Robinsons and
purchase the white gold necklace i’ve been eyeing on… at last now,
i had my pay to be able to purchase it! :)

My other roommate Shy and a housemate Jan decided to go with me, so without baths… we went to the mall and bought my necklace. We also bought food supplies. In any case our funds go low, at least we have food!

There was this promo for Cadbury Chocolates… for every 150php worth and get a chance to pick a mystery card that can win a TRIP to HONGKONG FOR 2. So, since Ste and I liked Cadbury, we decided to buy and participate in the promotion, but the promo lady said we could only get two (2) coz thats the maximum they give to a person. My reaction was… miss do you know the meaning of FOR EVERY 150php… and she kept on insisting that 2 was the limit. She evn showed me a receipt for 600php and she only gave 2. OMG! i asked for her supervisor and she was hesitant, she kept on insisting that if i talked to her supervisor, i make sure that her supervisor will know that i understood the rules on my own and she has said over and over that only 2 were maximum. I said "FINE." Then she gave me a number to call, fortunately for her that a supervisor dropped by to look at how things were, i introduced myself, opened up the situation and the supervisor agreed with me. HAHAHA! I felt bad for the sales lady because that was how she was oriented. The supervisor called the office and verified the info, hehehe, it was true that that was how the promo girls were trained. Too bad, that was the last day of the promo. They found out too late!

After that we went home and to my surprise my BB Merl gave me peanut butter. (coz yesterday i was cravin for peanut butter jelly sandwich) When he arrived, i modelled for him my new necklace… and i told him that i also liked a necklace that was tri-colored to match my bangles and earrings. He had to go and buy tshirts because we had orders… When he got back… VIOLA! i had my necklace. He gave them to me as a Post-Valentine gift. me? i was so touched! Grabeh!

Later in the evening i found out that STARBUCKS is not serving RHUMBA anymore. SHIT!!! My Favorite drink is not gonna be available. huhuhuhu. I almost cried. Atleast my next fav drink "passion iced tea" is still here to comfort me in my hour of need.

I really need to get back to work. this is a pretty long first posts!


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