OH, Same Shit, Different Day!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


i dont know what is happening to the people around me lately... some of the are so worked up and stressed because Valentines Day is coming. I HATE IT. its not that i dont have a boyfriend, infact we are going 4 years and getting stronger (i just realized that he's the ONE) and its nice to show love and appreciation to your loved ones but does it have to be only in FEBRUARY 14? STUPID! It has been commercialized too the maxx... and where do you get the idea na i-firing squad and mga singles kay mag mika daw! PAET. For me if you are single celebrate it! Life is fun with or without a lover. You have your family and friends. If you have a partner/married celebrate each waking moment loving and showing the person that you do so. Its not that I HATE VALENTINES but I hate the fact that instead of showing your appreciation to the person that you love for every month/every day some people just do it in Valentines Day!

Wala lang. Kapoy man gud nga daghan kaau tao ang cge ug ask kung unsay ihatag nila sa ilaha partner... (sorry ha sa mga peeps nga nag txt) but for me the best gift nga imu mahatag is time... time together with him. No need for material stuff.

I hope that we can celebrate the TRUE ESSENCE of VALENTINES is that we need to practice love... be unified in love and to love.

HAY! dont mind this post its just what i was thinking at 5am after shift (and i didnt sleep yesterday)


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