OH, Same Shit, Different Day!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

post birthday post!

had a blast yesterday... spent the whole day with friends... and the whole night with family... and the officemates i have. Being 22 ain't that bad. But the idea of me still being an undergraduate scares me. I need to get that diploma NOW. Will be studying this coming April or June. I wish i could still live independently, but i think my dad would not approve of me studying then mag-boarding haus ko. HHHMMM. yeah! he'll definitely impose of me, moving back to the house. SAYANG! Heniways, today... me n my sis virgo went out! We had fun. We went singing in the newly opened Timezone near Persian Palate... haha! i got a 96 score!!! unfortunately, she got 99! grrrr! she always sang like an angel. We grooved in the dance revo too! i was... SMOKING HOT!!

after that, i had to run a few errands. a few. pagkatapos... psyched ako nakipaglaro ng.... BADMINTON! 2 against 1. SOLVE pa rin. Nice makipaglaro kay pie at rachel. Si rachel yung tipong standing lang at si pie naman tumatakbo talaga. Nice yung team nila. Me? i had to run, wanna loose weight eh? I wanna try pilates or yoga or go back to karatedo? hmmm. i have to decide which is which para di masayang yung pera. Sabi ng sis ko na bili nalang daw ng PS2 para dance revo nalang daw mi maghapon... para pumayat! (she wishes!!!)


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