OH, Same Shit, Different Day!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


at last!

i found the password for this blog.


too many blogs, so little memory space in my brain

cge lang.

sleepy pa ko

di muna kita i update...

Monday, April 03, 2006

im so lazy in updating this

i am so bad. i am super bad. i promised myself and a GOOD friend that i would update my blog regularly... to top it of the regularly i meant was... EVERYDAY! hehehe. Well, here's a first of my days of daily blogging!

This weekend was really hectic... i had so much fun with my friends....

kathy, jen and tofen, thank you for being there and understanding my ordeal. I had a hard time admitting to the fact and it took me a lot of courage to share that with you. I miss the times we partied till the sun was up... hope we can do that. 3:00am ain't that bad, huh? yesiree!!! we still had it, we partied till it was 3 and mind you... we started hanging at 7pm. Dinner was so great! I love lemongrass and forever will. Their pad tahi never disappoints me. After the FEAST!!! YUP, literally... it was a feast we went to La Marea for friggin' desserts that will blow your mind away. I had warm brownie cups (that is what they are famous for). After that... 3 hours at K1 which gave me a sorethroat after. I sang "i can make it through the rain" and it wasn't that horrible or my friends just lied so i can feel good. HEHEHE


had a jammed pack sat.
had dinner with my Merlin, John, Fritz and others peeps from john's crowd... it was fun in a weird way. I thought that i would feel out of place because it was an all boy's (este... MEN pala) crowd but i didn't. I wanted to stay but i gave the men sometime to talk and get together... also, i had another place to got to go.

arrived at ayala at past 8. I was kinda surprised because when i arrived... a lot of peeps were there. Dhedi, Jinky, Mikee, WINNIE (the MAIN reason we had an EB), JM, Sir Paz,and Mags. I was so happy that it was a good crowd! Unfortuantely... sir paz and JM couldn't join bec of previous engagement. Then JAMES arrived... follwed by YUNA and RASTA!!! YIPPEEEEE!!!

we rocked the YO LATINO that nite. we danced like crazy... and beautifully... if i party... i party hard. So deal with it. It was 3am when the band finished and we decided to have coffee at bo's for a little while. At 4:30am... we called it a nite.

hahayz.... that is my life.... on weekends, oh... im not finished yet!

we had swimming at family park and dinner in goodah gud.

(will edit this part coz im too sleepy)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

card readings? anyone?

Card readings are fun. they just give me a laugh or two... I found this site a long time ago and yet everytime i go there... and have my "fate" explained... it interests me more...

fell free to sign up and get yours!!!

how you feel about yourself now (Death)
Perhaps you feel that everything as you have known it is falling apart. Unexpected changes and turmoil, end of a job, end of a career, divorce or end of a relationship, recovering from a bereavement or fear of bereavement. Try not to worry too much, this time of absolute endings heralds a brand new beginning, a period of great transformation.

what you most want at this moment (Judgement)
The cards suggest azyle, that what you most want at this time is a new start, to close this chapter in your life and have a brand new beginning. This is not a time for regret but for rejoicing. Rewards for past efforts will follow and you are sure to have many opportunities presented to you. Life will pick up a pace and the choices you make will have far reaching implications that could change your life dramatically. Any legal issues should be ruled in your favour.

your fears (The Moon)
Lies and insecurity are likely to be prominent in your life at the moment, you are afraid of being deceived and feel that you are being misled. Trust your instincts and let them guide you away from those who may seem charming but are only out for their own gains. Your turbulent emotions are muddying the waters - step back and try to find clarity of mind, although this may seem difficult. The Moon does help to illuminate the way and don’t worry, it will turn out alright in the end.

what is going for you (The Lovers)
New love and commitment will enter your life, even if there’s no one on the horizon - be prepared for a surprise. Throw caution to the wind and expect joyous and happy times ahead.

what is going against you (The Star)
This is a period of tension and frustrations, you feel pessimistic and fearful that your hopes will be dashed. Any bad luck you may be having is primarily down to your self-doubt and negativity. Have faith that your luck will change.

outcome (The Devil)
If your previous cards have been positive and your main consideration has been about a relationship then there’s a possibility of commitment, even a proposal of marriage. If this is not the case this a final opportunity for you to change course, because the temptation you are experiencing concerning a relationship, money or materialism or any other kind of addiction won’t lead to a happy ending. If you are feeling low in self-belief and self worth and doubt your abilities, don’t, have more confidence - its not too late to change direction.

Monday, March 27, 2006

is this me or what

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

what i did today!

February 22,

Slept only for 3 hours... had to go to a lot of places. Had to meet with
possible client for the shirt printing business. We are having luck on our side lately.
Had to meet friends today so that i could say goodbye to IGSO P. He's a really good friend of mine. He's like a brother to me. The kind of friend that you will really treasure. We ate and talked and laughed and made plans for our business... the present one and the future. HAAAY! I really hate goodbye's. To tell you the truth, i hate the fact that someone is leaving me behind... may it be brother, friend or boyfriend. I hate the one being left behind. My tendency is to pull away from them at the last minute, so that "i think" it wouldn't hurt that much... but in reality it hurts more. That is why, im trying to make this one a good farewell. Still keep in touch and be makulit... :P I hope that he'll find what he wants in MANILA.

Poy, i wish you'll find bliss!

After that,i went to ayala hoping i could get some sleep. I went to AeonFlux, but i couldn't sleep. so i transfered and watched a movie that is all talk. I watched Rumor Has It. It was the only movie that would make me sleep. HEHEHE! After that my BF met me in Ayala to discuss the business. We had dinner there. We ate Japanese and Chinese Cuisine. (NOTE: Me and MERLIN almost always order food good for 3-4. We want a lot of variation eh!)

Then we went to TIMEZONE. Played dance revo... and WE SUCKED!!!! yehey! HOORAH!!!

we sucked together, i really wasnt ashamed coz he was there turning red from laughing. What a joy it is to find the perfect man for you!